In today's day and age of growing urbanisation coupled with the retail boom, there is also an increased concern regarding security of men, money and material. This has fuelled the rapid growth of private security services that provide end-to-end security solutions. The advancements in technology has also brought along with it an increase in the challenges private security players face.

It was this opportunity and the vision to create a value-driven enterprise, how BISADO was founded in 2015, and has grown over the years cognizant of this constantly evolving scenario and factors that affect it. At BISADO security is an art form that is being continuously improved, because providing security solutions to people, property and assets requires an optimal combination of expertise, skill and professionalism. Everything BISADO does is geared towards its core mission of contributing to a safer society.

BISADO services a wide range of clients in a variety of industries and customer segments. From small enterprises to big corporations, BISADO is able to provide customised security solutions based on client-specific needs because of a deep understanding of the client's business requirements.

Why Choose Us?

Besides being amongst the best in the security solutions space in the country, everything that BISADO does has a human touch to it. Technology maybe the backbone of the different solutions but it is all controlled and supervised by a human at all times. This ensures that critical and business-centric decisions are not automated, but there is a clear-cut decision making process behind everything the company does. BISADO is also PSARA certified and a member of CAPSI (Central Association of Private Security Industry). We are an ISO 9000 certified company.